Chain of Fools : Upgrading through every version of windows

Chain of Fools : Upgrading through every version of windows

Here is a video presentation covering an experiment I recently performed, in which I upgraded through every major version of Windows. Below that I’ll try and add some detail that I didn’t cover in the video.

Windows 8, first impressions, (installed on 4 machines)

I like it, but it is not ready for prime time

Installed win 8 and office 2013, used ninite  – to put some programs on, including classic menu to enable the start menu and by pass the start tiles

Turned off uac with the instructions here
found you have a choice turn off uac and disable metro apps, or turn on uac to enable the apps

I put winmail from vista  on it

installed msdart 8 to create the recovery discs

I found skydrive to be very good to share documents with my iphone, main computer and test win machine

hamachi works intermittently – needs lots of tweaks to keep it running, if my internet goes out i disable hamachi to get that going

I do not see anything I want in the Windows store

I like the new file explorer ribbon

I think its crazy to have the system settings split between the desktop and tiles start menu

It boots up very fast

install from a usb drive took 15 minutes

Windows 8 Release Preview available for download

The Windows 8 Release Preview is now live. As we first reported on Wednesday night, Microsoft is now offering public download links for the latest version of Windows 8. The company had previously said the Windows 8 Release Preview would be made available sometime in the first week of June. However, its possible that Microsoft decided to offer to launch the Release Preview a bit earlier than planned due to leaks of the Chinese version that started popping up on the Internet earlier this week.

Windows 8 Release Preview on Technet – available now: Download Here

Windows 8 Release Preview: Download here

Windows 8 Support Forum: Here

Microsoft first launched the Developers Preview of Windows 8 in September and the Consumer Preview in early February. This Release Preview version of Windows 8 should have several improvements compared to the Consumer Preview.

The Release Preview version will almost certainly be the last that will be offered for free to the public before Microsoft completes its work on the final retail version of Windows 8. That should happen later this summer, according to previous reports ,and Windows 8 is currently expected to be made available for sale to the public later this fall.

Get the iso here

Command line tricks I do when the computer gets a valid IP – but just will not do anything online

I find infected machines not wanting to do anything at all online quite often. Not just redirecting.

Once you’ve checked for a rogue proxy (Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings) try these commands in an elevated (ran as administrator) command prompt.

Note: Some of these are redundant and one of the commands may not even exist. I was experimenting with batch files long ago and once I found a combo that worked, I didn’t trim it. If you find commands that do/don’t work on a particular version of windows, leave them out. I’m putting my raw steps here

ipconfig /release
netsh interface ip set address “Local Area Connection” source=dhcp
netsh interface ip set address “Wireless Network Connection” source=dhcp
netsh interface ip set dns “Local Area Connection” source=dhcp
netsh interface ip set dns “Wireless Network Connection” source=dhcp
netsh int ip reset all
netsh int reset all
netsh winsock reset
ipconfig /flushdns

shutdown -r -t 00

Stick these in a batch file and run it as admin. At least half the time it’ll get the net working well enough again that you can try to get some MBAM definitions downloaded and a scan going.

I put these in a bat file to make a fix for internet connectivity

Dilbert – The Knack

Dilbert – The Knack
Everybody in the office comments that the systems just run better when I’m around. Countless times a machine will be acting flaky for several hours while I’m out in the field only to settle down the moment I set foot in the building. Or a machine will refuse to do something (or insist on doing something) until I touch some part of it. Can’t explain it, but it happens and everybody has commented on it.

Anybody else see this?

How many of you have (or have seen) the gift where just walking into a room or being on site makes problems go away?

AV Uninstall Tools Pack Uninstalls Antivirus Programs from your Computer

People do install Antivirus programs in their Computers to get protected from latest viruses, Trojans and malware after installing it deeply hooks into  registry, system services Windows and drivers to detect malware and which also makes hard to uninstall it, that’s why security vendors release uninstall/removal tools useful if in case user unable to uninstall their security products from “Add or Remove Programs” in Control Panel.  We’ve already covered various antivirus programs uninstall tools , AV Uninstall Tools Pack is a freeware portable utility consists of uninstall tools for more than 30 antivirus and anti-spyware programs in their package.

AV Uninstall Tools Pack

Advantage with AV Uninstall Tools Pack

With this utility, instead of searching and downloading antivirus program uninstall tool you can keep all AV Uninstall tools in a single package and take them in USB useful for technicians, advanced users and novice users as well.

AV Uninstall Tools Pack by default with simple UI shown in Russian language, you can change to English language by clicking “English” link shown under “Language” on left side in the program window.

Using AV Uninstall Tools Pack

Download and extract utility archive contents to a folder, run Autorun.exe. AV Uninstall Tools Pack shows a list of “Uninstall Tools for antivirus programs” and offers Windows Installer Cleanup Utility under “Other tools” section in its UI.

Clicking on each Uninstall tool shows information about security vendor and its supported products along with “Open” (folder icon) link at the bottom to open and run uninstall tool.

Download AV Uninstall Tools Pack

Bill Gates – How A Geek Changed The World

Bill Gates ends his full-time job at Microsoft on a Friday afternoon and the company opens for business after the weekend as if nothing has changed.

At least, that is how Gates’ successors want to play it.

The ‘transition’, as it is called inside the company, was announced two years ago.

On the face of it, the only difference after 27 June will be that Gates will be non-executive chairman rather than executive chairman, spending just one day a week on Microsoft business.

Extremely thorough steps for removing virus and malware

1.Boot to safe mode using F8 key at boot (before windows load screen) -How To-

2.Run Combofix
(this is a surgical malware removal tool with 50 steps. Don’t download the windows recovery when prompted to do so) -HowTo-It helps to RENAME the Combofix file to something other than the default as some malware looks to block it from running. If combofix wants to restart, ensure it restarts back into safe mode)

3. Run TDSSKiller, remove anything found -How To-

4.Restart in normal mode

5.Run RevoUninstaller(this program is used to uninstall programs that are highly malicious in nature which may leave un-wanted pieces of themselves behind using the normal uninstall process. (Uniblue Registry, Crawler Toolbar, Ask Toolbar, Registry Mechanic, Frowstwire,few examples) -HowTo- Limewire, Smilebox, Gamevance, Playsushi 

6.Run CCleaner
-Uninstall unneeded but non-malicious installs (ie Google toolbar, HP Games, etc) -Adjust startup (delete all startup entries that are not required for normal use) -Clean registry (remove all bad entries found. the stock CCleaner settings) There is no need to do a backup) -Clean temp files (remove all temp files using

7.Run TFC
(this will probably reboot the PC) -HowTo-

8. Turn off system restore. XP users: -HowTo-Vista or Windows 7 Users: -HowTo-

9.Install Malwarebytes
–make sure you decline the offer